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Below is our terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to Wok2go Quality Policy

Our Mission

At Wok2go, our mission is to serve and deliver quality, authentic food at it's best to all our customers. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the quality of your dish please refer to the terms and conditions of our policy below.

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy only applies to a dish you order and purchase directly from Wok2go that is not of satisfactory quality and excludes any issues regarding the delivery time.

We strive to deliver food within our quoted estimated time. Unfortunately due to factors such as weather, staff illness and traffic will occasionally prevents us from achieving this.

Please note that refunds will not be given for late delivery of food.

To claim via the Quality Policy:

  • You must call the Wok2go branch directly where your meal was ordered and cooked.
  • The claim must be made on the same day as your order was made and within   30 minutes of delivery or collection.
  • No more than 30% of the dish may have been eaten and the rest must be unaffected. You must show proof of purchase.
  • Refunds can only be claimed with the return of at least 70% of each dish requiring a refund to the store from where the food was ordered subject to local store opening hours.
  • Collected or delivered dishes subject to claims will be required to be returned to the store within 48 hours
  • Any refund amounts agreed will be returned through the same payment method used on the purchase of the order.
  • Your statutory rights remain unaffected.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any claim under this policy if these terms and conditions are not met.
  • This promotion may be amended or withdrawn at any time.

Privacy Statement

All data gathered as a result of your visit will be treated as confidential and will not be divulged to a third party without your consent.
If your name is on our database and you request that we remove or alter it, we will do so within 72 hours of receiving your request. To request removal from our database or alteration to your existing entry


Our delivery drivers only carry up to £10 in change, payment must be in £ sterling.
We accept the following forms of payment:
Credit / Charge cards: Visa and Mastercard are accepted.
Debit Cards, such as Delta or Switch are accepted.

Upon submitting your order details, you are making an offer to us to purchase the item(s) you have specified in your order form. We reserve the right to refuse your offer should it be necessary.
In the event of Wok2go needing to issue a refund we will endeavour to credit your account within 7 - 10 working days.

Ordering & Cancellation of orders

Your Order Confirmation is a record of our agreement to deliver the products ordered and paid for in full. If someone else made the Booking on your behalf, you agree that such person acted as your agent.
Amendments to the order or delivery time can be made no later than 45 mins prior to the start of the delivery window booked.
Amendments to the content of your order can be made up to 45 minutes before the delivery window begins. Amends to the order must be made by phoning the shop direct. Your initial payment will be cancelled and a new payment raised.

The delivery time slot may be altered up to 45 minutes before the start of your order window. The order can only be changed to a new time slot if it is available.

Orders may be cancelled in full up to 45 minutes before the start of the delivery window selected. We will endeavour to issue a refund to your credit card account within 7-10 working days.
Cancellations within 45 minutes of the start of the delivery window will be charged in full.


Side orders are subject to availability. In most cases, your manager will offer an alternative for any out-of-stock item.
Although every care is taken, some products may contain nuts. The Desserts and Ice Cream sold by our shop may contain nut derivatives.
Although great care has been taken to remove all bones from chicken and meat, some may remain.
Minimum order value applies, and you will be notified when you reach the basket if your order is below the minimum value.

Delivery times

Our goal is to provide the best food delivery service possible which includes an excellent reputation for on-time delivery i.e. delivering your order at the time we quote. Unfortunately things don't always go to plan and factors, such as, weather, staff illness and traffic occasionally prevents us from achieving this.


Latest Order Time

Due to licensing laws, we are unable to accept orders for either delivery or collection less than 20 minutes before the stated closing time. We would also respectfully advise customers who are collecting their orders that we will be unable to serve them should you not arrive at the store prior to closing time. Should you have any questions, please call the our shop and speak to the duty manager


We aim to deliver your meals within 45 minutes of receiving your
order. £2.00 delivery charge within a 3 mile radius. Minimum
order £10. All delivery orders to be prepaid by debit or credit
card, all major credit cards accepted. During peak periods and
poor weather conditions we will inform you of updated changes
to delivery times.

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Email address: info@wok2goonline.co.uk